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Waterdrop Under-Sink
Filtration System

Pure Drinking Water. Solved.

  • Advanced technology delivers 20 to 50X higher purity than commercial bottled water and comparable filtration systems
  • Maintains balanced water properties for optimal health and hydration
  • The most user-friendly drinking water solution for households and offices
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Protect our planet

The world produced an estimated 500 billion plastic bottles in 2020. That figure will grow to 580 billion in 2021.

Every year millions of tons of plastic trash end up in our oceans, causing long-term environmental damage and harming marine wildlife. A significant portion of this plastic waste originates from landfills.

At Waterdrop UAE we are dedicated to delivering purified water that is socially equitable, environmentally sustainable, and economically beneficial.

When you buy from us, you not only help eliminate one of the biggest sources of plastic waste today, you also help sustain a virtuous cycle of efforts to source and develop better, safer and eco-friendly products in our markets.

say no to plastic bottles

Waterdrop 0.01 micron Ultra Filtration System

Waterdrop direct-flow filtration

0.01 Micron Ultra Filtration. Highest water purity anywhere. By far.


Waterdrop. Pure drinking water has never been so convenient.

Intelligent display panel

Intelligent display panel

Waterdrop takes the guess work out of filter replacement with real-time status at the touch of a button.

Space saving design

Space saving design

Save precious counter-top space and keep your kitchen/pantry clutter free and organized.

Easy Upkeep

Easy Upkeep

Replace filters in as little as 3 seconds. Do-it-yourself without any special tools or training.

No electricity required

No electricity required

No pump means no need for electrical connections and extensions. It also means no noise!

Zero waste-water

Zero waste-water

Unlike some "advanced" systems that waste water equal or greater than their output, Waterdrop makes every drop count, saving 50% or more on water consumption.

Low Maintenance

Low Maintenance

Waterdrop’s direct-flow design reduces the need for filter replacement and lowers lifetime ownership costs.


Cost Savings Calculator

Waterdrop. Good for you. Great for your wallet.

Liters AED Plastic waste g
Anual Consumption l g
5-Year Consumption l g
5-year savings with Waterdrop




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Filtration System

Under-sink Ultra
Filtration System

AED 1,700

including VAT.

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Replacement Filters

PP Filter

AED 90

including VAT.

Free Delivery I Self- Installation

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UF Filter

AED 155

including VAT.

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CT Filter

AED 105

including VAT.

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Frequently Asked Questions

How is Waterdrop different from comparable filtration systems?

Waterdrop delivers up to 50X higher purity than comparable filtration systems. It does not take up valuable counter-top space in your kitchen or pantry, require an electrical connection or generate noise. Waterdrop systems have the fastest and easiest filter replacements in their class.

Is Waterdrop a reverse osmosis (RO) system?

No Waterdrop is not RO and retains beneficial minerals in water. Also Waterdrop does not waste any water which can be 1:1 or greater in RO systems and does not require an electrical connection to work.

What is the expected filter life for the Waterdrop under-sink systems?

Thanks to its advanced design, Waterdrop has one of the best filter life cycles in any drinking water system. Typical filter life is 6 months for PP, 12 months for CT and 24 months for the main UF filter. Filter life will vary depending on volume consumption e.g. large office vs small household.

Is there a warranty on the system?

Yes. Waterdrop Systems come with a one year warranty against manufacturing defects in the UAE.

Does your cost savings calculator take into consideration the cost of filter replacements?

Yes. Our cost calculator factors cost and frequency of filter replacement depending on the number of users and water consumption inputs.

What our customers say

Thank you guys! We just realized how much space all those cartons of water were taking up in our apartment. Plus the water tastes amazing! Keep up the good work...

Sami A.

The Palm Jumeirah

Water tastes great and I can finally wash my fruits and veggies with pure water. Love it!

Amy A.

Jumeirah Park

You should mention something about emissions on your site. I read somewhere that plastic water bottle production emits the same amount of carbon as 290 coal plants every year and is 2000x more energy intensive than tap water!

Ramzi O.


Finally no more plastic bottles. No need to carry, store and recycle. And the water tastes really good! Just what we were looking for. Thank you!

Iliana K.

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